Funding the next million software content creators.

OpenFare is a protocol which defines how public software developers can be paid.

Payment plans and methods are defined in package code. Which means that they can be managed programmatically across thousands of project dependencies.

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Funding Free and Open Source Software

OpenFare reveals the demand for funding across the entire software dependency tree. Donations made using OpenFare reach the roots. It brings to the surface critical software dependencies which are not in the limelight.

OpenFare offers a distributed funding solution which sidesteps the need for accounts or centralized gatekeepers.

The OpenFare Protocol is compatible with every source available software license. This includes the MIT License, Apache licenses, and GPL licenses.

Setting up a project to receive donations is easy and possible with a single commit.

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Micropriced Software

OpenFare empowers developers to monetize tiny software libraries at microprices.

Micropayments at scale lead to well funded software maintiners.

Consumers pay for software in bulk by scanning their software dependency tree for applicable payment plans. Payment obligations are managed programmatically.

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