Your OpenFare profile describes how you can receive funds. Here's an example:

  "openfare-profile": {
    "unique-id": "797f003a-3358-4bd2-bc24-c239ad2bf5de",
    "payment-methods": {
      "btc-lightning": {
          "lnurl": "LNURL1DP68GURN8GHJ7CMVDA6K...23JS3YTAFK"

Payment methods

Add payment methods to your profile:

openfare profile add payment-method btc-ln <lnurl>

Setup via services

Some services can be used to setup payment methods, for example:

openfare profile add payment-method btc-ln --service lnpay


Sharing your profile allows other users to programmatically discover how you can be paid. Project lock files can then be curated and updated by pulling in your latest profile payment methods.

Use the push subcommand to share your profile:

openfare profile push <url>

Where url is any Git repository or GitHub user profile URL (<username>).